How to buy

Everybody can do online shopping, users that are registred as well as those who are not. Products can be quickly and easily added to shopping cart by clicking button with the image of a shopping cart. You can add as many and any amount of product.

Flipped product plate offers quicker product information, promotions and evaluation of the product by the users. By clicking the button "Add flipped to Cart" all flipped plate products will be added to the cart at the same time.

Cart overview

The products you add to cart, are available in the upper right corner - "My Cart". By moving the mouse over the "My Cart", a window opens where the products are visible. By clicking on "Checkout" will open transparent content of the cart. Quantity or the number of products can still modify and correct even when you have a product already in your cart (you can directly enter the amount that you specify by clicking on the + or – sign. When examining the cart you can in a specially prepared box, enter the promotional (promo) code, coupon code or your online bonus amount, thereby additionally enjoy the benefits

Shipping Address

Quick purchase - If you do not want to create a user account, you can only enter shipping information and make a purchase.

Login - If you are registered on the online store, log in and your delivery address will be the same one as you entered at registration.

Type of delivery

Home delivery - First, select a location for delivery. Location for delivery is the same as your address at login (if you are registered) in the online store. For delivery you can also select another location. You can add multiple locations and name them as you prefer (Home, Work, Weekend).

Take over on location - Products can be collected in person at the company address.

Payment method

Payment on delivery - Payment on receipt (eg. Postman).

Credit cards - MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, ...

Cash in advance - Payment via invoice sent to your email address.

Order summary

The last step before commiting delivery is a order summary. Here, we can see the previously entered data and verify it:

  • Overview of the products we wish to order (quantity and price)
  • Shipping address
  • Type of delivery
  • Payment method
  • Total price